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Internal Medicine Services

We at SoCal Equine Hospital consider internal medicine a vital part of our practice.  We consider most all cases we see to have a component of internal medicine weather it is post operative pain management from a fracture repair or ileus from colic surgery.  All of our doctors at SoCal Equine Hospital have a special interest in internal medicine and continually strive for excellence.  We also have a board certified Internal Medicine Specialist available for consultation by phone or stall side depending on the case.

Reasons you may want to see our internal medicine department.

-Pleuropneumonia is defined as infection of the lungs and pleural space. In most instances, pleural infection develops secondary to bacterial pneumonia or penetrating thoracic wounds. Spontaneous pleuritis (without accompanying pneumonia) is uncommon in horses. In the USA, ~70% of horses with pleural effusion have pleuropneumonia. The primary differential diagnoses for pleural effusion are neoplastic effusions, heart failure, and hydatidosis.

-Peritonitis is an inflammation of the serous membranes of the abdominal cavity. It may be a primary disease or secondary to other pathologic conditions. Different infectious and noninfectious agents may cause peritonitis, which may result in a variety of clinical manifestations, disease progression, and outcome. Peritonitis may be acute or chronic, septic or nonseptic, local or diffuse, or adhesive or exudative.

-Neonatology:  During the most critical time in a foal life, our veterinarians and highly trained staff are here to care for the most sensitive and complicated cases in our specialized state-of-the-art ICU.  


Specialized services for Neonatal Foals        

Video Endoscopy – One and three meter long endoscopes allow assessment of the upper and lower airways, the esophagus and stomach, and the bladder.

Ultrasonography – High-resolution stall-side ultrasonography can be used to assess the thorax, abdomen, umbilical, and musculoskeletal structures.

Digital or Computed radiography – High-quality radiographs of the thorax, abdomen, and musculoskeletal system can be helpful in the diagnosis of disease or malformation.

Computed Tomography – Cross-sectional imaging can be used to assess both soft tissue and bony structures to look for injury, infection, or malformation.

Fluoroscopy – Real-time examinations can be performed for interventional procedures.

24-hour complete in-house veterinary laboratory services.

Pulse oximetry – This non-invasive test allows us to measure how saturated the blood is with oxygen to determine if the foal’s respiratory and cardiovascular function are sufficient.

Capnography – This non-invasive test allows us to measure the amount of carbon dioxide being expired by the foal to determine if its respiratory and cardiovascular function are adequate.

Oxygen therapy – We can provide supplemental oxygen via a nasal cannula that foals can wear while still being loose in the stall with the mare.

Arterial blood gas analysis – Point of care monitoring system that enables us to measure the amount of oxygen in the foal’s bloodstream as well as electrolytes and glucose.

 Mechanical ventilation – If the foal’s neurologic and/or respiratory systems are not able to coordinate breathing effectively, we can place a tube in the lungs and breathe for them.

Cardiology – Electrocardiograms (EKGs) and echocardiolography can be performed to determine the cause of any abnormal heart rhythms or murmurs.

These are only a few reason you might visit us at Southern California Equine Hospital for our internal medicine department.

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